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Drake Cops New Diamond 2Pac Chains Costing $300K a Piece

Drake Cops New Diamond 2Pac Chains Costing $300K a Piece

Next time you see Drake there might be new ice around his neck. His jeweler, Jason of Beverly Hills, showed two new pieces made for the 6ix God, which are crafted after the late Tupac Shakur. “Thank you @champagnepapi for trusting us with this project,” Jason wrote. “Unbelievable honor to help pay homage to the […]

[WATCH] Awkward Throwback Video Of Tupac Shakur and MTV Correspondent

In this throwback video of Tupac Shakur, the rapper strolls the Venice Beach Boardwalk while being interviewed by MTV News Tabitha Soren who seemed lost and out of touch. This classic video from 1995 gives us a glimpse into the heart of Tupac who dropped tons of jewels in between the horrible invading questions. As […]

Saucey Farms and Extracts to Host Benefit Smoke Session for Tupac’s Birthday

This Tuesday, June 16, Saucey Farms and Extracts will celebrate and support Tupac Shakur’s Birthday Smoke Session “I Got 5ive On It.” The cannabis community will unite with artists from across the United States to aid in the rebuilding of the cannabis stores in the Bay Area damaged in uprisings during Black Lives Matter protests. […]

[WATCH] Classic Tupac Shakur: We Can’t Do But So Much Marching


Back in 1993, a 22-year-old Tupac Shakur took the podium at the 23rd Annual Indiana Black Expo and bared his heart about police brutality, going to war and ownership. Introduced by Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad, who held the same sentiments as the late rapper…Tupac told the kids of the 90’s to put their minds together […]

Redo ’93: Tupac Shakur’s Shootout With Police Proves Power To People


Tupac Shakur was about that action. For all the conversations about the subject matter of his songs being derogatory, few talk about him as a true rider for the community. Like that one time on Halloween 1993 when Shakur drove past two drunk off duty officers, in Atlanta, and confronted them for uttering a racial […]

Malcolm X’s Top 10 Influences In Hip Hop Music

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TheSource.com has put together a classic list honoring the legacy and works of the man who made intelligence cool in Hip Hop music Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little also known to many as El-Hajj Malik El Shabazz, was an African-American Muslim minister and human rights activist born in Omaha, Nebraska, on May 19, 1925. He […]

Tupac’s Bandanas to be Auctioned for Up to $4K


Tough times are coming to America so everyone is looking for a quick buck. Highsnobiety reports that a “very close family friend” of Tupac Shakur is auctioning a blue and red bandana owned and worn by him. The outlet reports they’re in “very good” condition and there’s proof that it actually belonged to the late […]

Today in Hip-Hop History: Tupac Drops ‘Strictly For My N.I.G.G.A.Z…’ LP 27 Years Ago


On this date in 1993, Tupac Shakur released his second full-length studio album Strictly For My N.I.G.G.A.Z… on Jive Records and T.N.T. Recordings. With the ‘N’ word always having a negative connotation, ‘Pac flipped it to an acronym, meaning  Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished with the “Z” in the title making it plural. This album continued on the […]