Video Emerges of Former Police Officer Shooting African-American Jogger

A new video has emerged of the killing of a 25-year-old jogger in Brunswick, Georgia. The altercation took place in February when a former police officer and his son attacked and eventually shot and killed Ahmaud Arbery who was unarmed. In the video, Arbery is seen jogging when former Officer Gregory McMichael and his son […]

Memos Stating that Cops are Not Arresting People at Night for Crimes

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone. All kinds of workers that interface with the public in the United States are compromised, and so many cities and local municipalities are making changes to some of their essential workforce staffing. Hours are being adjusted. Access to the community is being limited. Drastic measures are being discussed that […]

Police Precinct Gets Shot Up in the Bronx Causing #BlueLivesMatter to Trend

There seems to be an attack on police in the Boogie Down, launching the hashtag to trend #BlueLivesMatter. According to the NYPost, a deranged gunman came into a Bronx police precinct and “emptied his clip,” hitting a ranking officer. Right before that, a pair of cops were “ambushed” and leaving one shot on in the […]

Undercover Cop Arrests Police Captain Who Offered Her $40 For Sex

Anybody can get it! Even the police. A Seattle police captain was arrested over the weekend on charges of soliciting sex from an undercover officer in an area well known for prostitution activity. Police Captain Randal Woolery gave the officer $40 after soliciting her in the North Seattle neighborhood. The 31-year veteran was arrested at […]

Police Pull Up on Bizzy Bone’s House After Viral Threat

Bizzy Bone Believes 2Pac's Shooting Was Supposed to Set Up Revenue

It’s no secret that talking spicy on the Internet can lead law enforcement directly to your front door. Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony is the latest rapper to learn this lesson. You would hope that men of his age and stature wouldn’t be into sending idle threats on camera over the internet, especially given everything […]

Gunplay in Middleton: Shooter Pops Off in Wisconsin Office Building, Several Hurt

As we speak, Middleton police are responding to an active gunman in a Wisconsin office building. Few details are available, however we’ve been told that the police and emergency workers where called around 10:25 am (CDT) to the 1800 block of Deming Way in Middleton, Wisconsin (near Madison). According to The Independent, multiple people were […]

Police Chief’s Corruption Scandal Leaves Entire Police Department on Paid Leave

Police Chief's Corruption Scandal Leaves Entire Police Department on Paid Leave

One North Carolina town has suspended all police activities after corruption charges were brought up against the Police Chief. Brunswick County Police Chief Gary Smith and Lt. Mike Simmons were charged with corruption for a “habitual and repeated pattern” of leaving their police posts for work at a trucking company, according to Southport Mayor Jerry […]

Ohio Woman Calls Cops on 12-Year-Old Black Paperboy

Being black in America continues to be a crimeless “crime.” A 12-year-old boy encountered police during his first day on the job. Working as a paperboy for the Upper Arlington neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio, Uriah Sharp exited his mother’s van and proceeded to walk up to a few houses. One neighbor watched him and assumed […]

Philadelphia Police Being Investigated for Arrest of 14-Year-Old Boy at Local Zoo

Philadelphia Police Being Investigated for Arrest of 14-Year-Old Boy at Local Zoo

Police are reportedly launching an investigation into whether or not police used excessive force while arresting a teenage Black male in Philadelphia. The 14-year-old boy who was unarmed was allegedly collecting money outside of the Philadelphia Zoo when police were called and the boy was taken into custody. The official citation by police was for […]

Lil Xan Needed Police Escort to Avoid Angry Tupac Fans

Lil Xan‘s lesson of the week is to choose your words wisely. This past week, the 21-year-old rapper got a lot of flack for dissing the G.O.A.T. rapper Tupac Shakur rating him a 2 out of 10, and calling his music boring. Waka Flocka Flame declared Lil Xan banned from hip-hop which Atlanta rapper T.I. […]

Baltimore Officer Faces Max of 3 Years in Prison for Evidence Tampering

The Baltimore police officer who was caught on his body worn camera planting drugs at a crime scene has been indicted and brought up on charges for fabricating physical evidence. The viral video that created massive outrage shows the officer planting a bag of drugs at the crime scene and then later coming back to […]

Chance The Rapper Shares Live Video of Police Traffic Stop

Chance The Rapper used the power of Instagram to livestream a traffic stop in Chicago on Sunday, October 8. In the video, Chance is seen in the passenger seat while his significant other Kirsten Corley is in the driver’s seat. “Just want y’all to be here in case it gets out of hand,” Chance explains […]