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Check Out the Newest Batch of “Mean Tweets” From Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Late show hosts have experimented with episodic content since late shows became a thing, and everyone from David Letterman to Jay Leno has struck programming gold in the past with some of their staple antics. Jimmy Kimmel‘s “Mean Tweets” is certainly one of those hits, and he’s gotten just about every A-List actor and entertainer […]

[Listen] New Tory Lanez Single “LA Confidential” Co-Written By Miguel

Tory Lanez

Last night [Thursday, January 28] Toronto crooner Tory Lanez made his television debut performing his hit single “Say It” on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  As if performing on late night television wasn’t big enough, he also brought together members of the 90s R&B act Brownstone who haven’t performed together in 20 years for a reunion just to […]

Watch The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show Troll Pedestrians Into Believing Martin Luther King Jr Endorsed Donald Trump


Of all Jimmy Kimmel‘s segments, “Lie Witness News” is probably the most equally hilarious and terrifying. The segment generally consists of a reporter (including Drake) canvassing pedestrians for opinions on fictitious occurrences. Now it’s hilarious because it goes to show the average American might not be as fully aware of general knowledge talk points and further, […]

Snoop Dogg Speaks On New Marijuana Website On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Snoop Dogg Jimmy Kimmel

Snoop Dogg is without a doubt one of the most famous marijuana enthusiasts ever, right up there with Cheech & Chong. Throughout his career, the Long Beach, CA rapper has never been afraid to let the world know about his favorite plant. Now that marijuana has become decriminalized in several parts of the United States, […]

Hillary Clinton Says She Would Beat Her Husband, Bill, In An Election

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Hillary Clinton is currently in the midst of her final 12-month push to the presidency, a battle that’s expected to include fighting off guys like Ben Carson, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and potentially more. Hillary’s husband, and former 2-term President of the United States Bill Clinton isn’t one of those foes, but if he were, Hill feels […]

Jamie Foxx & Chris Brown Performed On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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http://youtu.be/CBQe4mPVhL4 Jamie Foxx and Chris Brown performed their new hit on Kimmel Live. The comedian, actor, singer, and pianist, Jamie Foxx blessed the Kimmel Live! stage alongside Chris Brown. They performed their new hit “You Changed Me”. The song is going to be on Jamie Foxx’s forthcoming album, Hollywood. Watch the video for the full performance. […]

The Fresh Prince performs “Summertime” On Jimmy Kimmel Live

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It seems Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince has once again found that music itch.  After solid performance on both Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman Smith stopped by Jimmy Kimmel to perform his iconic song “Summertime.”  While on ‘Kimmel Smith even got a chance to cache up with old friend and collaborator DJ Jazzy Jeff! […]

Watch Kobe Bryant Death-Stare At His Teammates As They Celebrate A Victory

Kobe Bryant doesn’t think there’s anything worth celebrating this year if you’re a Laker Last night, Kobe Bryant hung out with Jimmy Kimmel for a little while–it’s not like he doesn’t have the time these days–and he saw something that didn’t make him smile. That in itself may be an understatement. The Lakers beat the […]

Watch Snoop Dogg Talk About The Time He Smoked Weed At The Whitehouse

Snoop Dogg Smokes weed whitehouse ggn jimmy kimmel

Puff Puff Pass With The Prez Snoop Dogg has been hosting his GGN interview/variety show for quite some time now, along the way there have been some great moments, like the time Snoop & 2 Chainz sang Jill Scott, or the time Seth Rogen & Snoop recapped Game Of Thrones.  Snoop may have truly outdone […]

50 Cent Spoofs “Maleficient” On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’


There’s no end to the trolling with this guy. 50 Cent‘s new album, Animal Ambition, was released this past Tuesday and after one absolutely hectic week, that included re-uniting the four original members of his G-Unit clan, releasing two records with them, announcing a new G-Unit album in November, and celebrating the premiere of his […]

Wiz Khalifa Takes Part in Sign Language Rap Battle on Jimmy Kimmel

sign language rap wiz khalifa black and yellow jimmy kimmel

American Sign Language interpreters Holly Maniatty, Joann Benfield and Amber Galloway engage in a sign language rap battle with Wiz Khalifa on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, April 8th. The three interpreters have interpreted for huge acts like Wu-Tang Clan, Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Lion, Eminem and Lil’ Wayne. They gave it their all […]

Brooklyn Sky Elevates from Flatbush to the Mainstream


Brooklyn Sky (BSKY Brand) is a clothing line conceived by a collective group of creatives from Brooklyn, New York. The five owners (Mike, Matt, Gabe, Vlad, and O) are all from the Flatbush section of Brooklyn and are childhood friends. Since 2005, BSKY Brand has grown in popularity with hip hop luminaries like Prodigy of […]