Big Daddy Kane Says Eminem is the Kobe Bryant of Rap


It’s been almost a month since the world lost one of its most beloved figures. Basketball fans and others are still in a state of shock and mourning at the death of Kobe Bryant. Rap legend, Big Daddy Kane, recently spoke on the Cherie’s World podcast this past week and said that he considers Kobe […]

Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ is Receiving the Oscars Sales Bump


So what Martin Scorcese took a little nap during Eminem’s Oscar performance? Slim Shady and “Lose Yourself” is running up the sales since the Sunday ceremony. The No. 1 Hot 100 single from the 8 Mile soundtrack was up 1,894% in sales with 4,000 downloads in the United States. The entire catalog of Shady’s singles […]

[WATCH] Martin Scorcese Caught Sleeping During Eminem’s Oscar Performance

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Eminem’s surprise performance of his 8 Mile hit song “Lose Yourself” at last night’s Oscars had everybody into the pop-up show, except for famed director Martin Scorcese. One of the cameras zoomed in on the Goodfellas director in full narcoleptic mode while Rabbit was spittin’ his famed battle-tested sixteen bars.

Eminem Rocks the 2020 Oscars with a Chilling Live Rendition ‘Lose Yourself’


During an amazing segment looking at all the songs that have been nominated for Best Song for The Academy Awards, Hamilton director Lin-Manuel Miranda introduced a surprise performance by Eminem who performed his Academy Award-winning song, “Lose Yourself.” The audience was sprinkled with people who actually knew the song, but they emerged from their typical […]

Eminem Drops Surprise Album, ‘Music To Be Murdered By’

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Despite the fact that the holidays are long over, Eminem gave his fans a belated present late Thursday night/early Friday morning when he dropped his latest album, titled Music To Be Murdered By, completely by surprise. Eminem made the unexpected announcement on Friday morning at about 12:05 am EST via a tweet with the caption […]

Nick Cannon Claims He Won the Eminem Beef

Nick Cannon Claims Eminem's Lawyers Contacted him About Gay Sex Tape Allegations on 'The Invitation' Diss Record

By: Dylan Kemp Nick Cannon proclaimed himself the winner in the latest beef between him and the rap god, Eminem. Nick took to Twitter to announce his victory. “@Eminem I won!!!” he wrote. “This has been fun. Now back to your regularly scheduled programs.” Even though Nick claims he is the winner of the beef, […]

Nick Cannon and The Black Squad Fires Another Shot at Eminem on “Pray For Him”


Nick Cannon going “Back-to-Back”? Not letting his diss track from yesterday breath, Cannon is back with another shot at Eminem titled “Pray For Him.” Keeping the Wild’n Out team active, Cannon has enlisted The Black Squad bringing in Hitman Holla, Conceited and more, both with disses and also reissuing the challenge to appear on MTV’s […]

50 Cent Jumps in Nick Cannon-Eminem Beef, Calls Nick’s Diss Track Trash

Cent to Produce A Moment in Time Docu Series on Tekashi Snoop Dogg Scott Storch and More

50 Cent chimed in on the renewed Eminem-Nick Cannon beef on Tuesday and it’s no surprise who the notorious Instagram troll is siding with. Fif posted an Eminem version of the Colin Kaepernick Nike ad that reads “Believe in restoring the game, even if it means destroying all the players.” “I don’t understand to save […]

Obie Trice Charged for Shooting of 18-Year-Old


Obie Trice has been charged with the shooting of an 18-year-old man on Friday. According to reports, the Eminem affiliated rapper allegedly shot the man in the groin and was later arrested found walking with an unregistered 9mm semi-automatic Ruger. The Oakland Press reports that Trice was dating the victim’s mother, and after an argument, […]

Lord Jamar Has More Words for Eminem: “He’s Dreaming About Men”

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Ring the bell on Lord Jamar vs. Eminem round 8? Who can keep count anymore? The Brand Nubian emcee has taken aim at Shady quite often this year, sometimes receiving a response, other times not. Recently a response was launched back, with Em throwing some shade at Jamar while on stage in Abu Dhabi. Jamar […]

Secret Service Visited Eminem Due to Anti-Trump BET Freestyle


Two years ago when Eminem delivered his explosive freestyle coming at Donald Trump and the First Family, he was visited by secret service. BuzzFeed News reports protection services interviewed him about the lyrics on the Revival cut, “Framed,” in addition to his freestyle at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards. “A concerned citizen reported Marshall […]