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‘Beastie Boys Story’ Documentary Released On Apple TV Today

Legendary New York group the Beastie Boys have today released their long-awaited live documentary directed by Spike Jonze on Apple TV titled Beastie Boys Story. The innovate near 2-hour stage performance of Mike D and Ad-Rock runs through the iconic groups’ pre-history from the early 1980s until today from their original Hardcore punk roots to […]

Did You Know Chris Rock Was a DJ Before He Was a Comedian?

Did You Know Chris Rock Was a DJ Before he Was a Comedian?

Chris Rock penned the foreword for a new photo book of the Beastie Boys and Run DMC called, “Together Forever” by Glen E. Friedman. “I was a DJ way before I told jokes. Run-DMC’s ‘Sucker M.C.’s’ taught me a lot about controlling the audience. I learned things about control and timing from playing the record […]

Remembering The Beastie Boys’ MCA On His Birthday

It has been six years since the passing of Beastie Boys founding member Adam Yauch aka MCA, but his legacy stands as a testament to why he should be recognized on his born day. This year will mark the sixth anniversary of the passing of the Beastie Boys co-founder, who passed on May 4th, 2012 […]

Which Classic Hip Hop Albums Still Sell Today In Australia?

Many classic Hip Hop albums released in America decades ago continue to sell well in Australia today. The top selling classic Hip Hop albums as per the Google Play Australia Overall Album Chart (the most expansive album chart in Australia) currently are: 32 – N.W.A. – Straight Outta Compton (1988) 59 – Eminem – The […]

Flashback Friday: The Beastie Boys Rock Soul Train In 1987

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Who would have thought a trio of white kids would be rapping on the classic dance-show, Soul Train, in 1987? Ad-Rock, MCA and Mike D weren’t just a “trio of white kids,” though. They were the future of Hip Hop and their energy was through the roof. Ask any veteran emcee and they’ll tell you, […]

The Tanning Of America: Part II: Fight The Power

Watch part two of “The Tanning of America” as Steve Stoute continues to prove how Hip Hop is in direct relation to our nation’s first black president. This episode covers the growth of not only the music but also the culture from 1987-1992.

1985 Interview With Beastie Boys Gets Animated

The Beastie Boys get the black and white treatment Blank on Blank presents a very dope animated interview from the legendary Beastie Boys that was conducted in 1985 on ABC News Radio. The interview took place in Washington D.C. while the Beastie Boys were on tour with Madonna. Roger Krastz @walldoe Advertisement

A History of Hip-Hop’s Sampling Lawsuits

Following Lord Finesse’s lawsuit against Mac Miller, The Source thought it would be appropriate to highlight the lawsuits that have arisen in hip-hop in the past over sampling and copyright infringements. Mac Miller is not alone in the present nor the past, as many of his contemporaries and predecessors have fought the same battle he […]

The Fashion of The Beastie Boys

  The Beastie Boys had a style like no other act in Hip-Hop. Their Punk Rock meets Hip-Hop fashion appealed to all masses and gave them that edgy New York flavor that came with their music along with their style. Leather Jackets, tracksuits, bright baseball caps, a pair of Adidas Skytops or Originals, and cuffed […]

Slaughterhouse Reveals ‘Welcome To: OUR HO– USE’ Cover & Release Date

Slaughterhouse has revealed the cover and release date to their anticipated album Welcome To: OUR HO– USE. The cover of the album can be seen above and the release date for the album will be August 28th. You can expect their next single ‘Throw It Away’ featuring Swizz Beatz to drop sometime soon. You can also […]

Rappers Who You Might See Out During Go Skateboarding Day

June 21st may seem like another scorching hot day, but globally, its known to skaters as “Go Skateboarding Day,” which encourages all skateboarders in the world to take up their decks, hit the streets, and skate! Above is a list of 10 rappers who skate, have skated, and/or were influenced by skateboarding. To find out […]