832 Releases The Rap-ture

There has been a wave of artists Conscious Hip-Hop or socially conscious Hip Hop is a sub-genre of Hip Hop that challenges the dominant cultural, political, philosophical, and economic consensus. It aims to subtly inform the public of true political and social issues which are predominantly obscured by the mainstream media. Add 832 to the […]

Source Interview: Lyonel “Kay K” Rosemond

Here we have a conservation with Lyonel “Kay K” Rosemond about being the nephew of the infamous Jimmy Henchmen, the music industry and what he’s doing to rebrand himself in an ever evolving industry. Jimmy Henchman is your uncle, for better or worse, how does being related to him affect your career? Yes he’s my […]

Beat By Alexis Marie

Born and raised in New Jersey, Alexis Marie chose a path that would land her in the entertainment industry as a makeup artist and clothing stylist. Since then, her artistry has led her to work with numerous recording artists and celebrities as they were featured in music videos, red carpet appearances, editorial and ad campaigns. […]

Julian Rhine’s Excuse To Riot

Hearing the lyrics “we’re not gonna take it” might bring back nostalgic memories of Twisted Sister but there aren’t many other similarities that Julian Rhine and the 80s power group posses. And while he could be easily consider a political activist with newest single Excuse to Riot because of the song’s witty criticism and aggressive […]

Chuckie Campbell Tours With PremRock & Willie Green

He walked in and took home the All WNY Music Awards for Best Hip-Hop/Rap Performer and Best New Artist. Now Chuckie Campbell, follows up with the second single off his More Die of Heartbreak project, All I Meant which features Cole Jonique. But if you’re looking for more of Chuckie Campbell, he’s currently on tour […]

Tomás Doncker Teams Up With Yusef Komunyakaa For New Album

Tomás Doncker and the Tomás Doncker Band are geared to follow up their Moanin’ at Midnight: The Howlin’ Wolf album in a big by collaborating with legendary spoken word artist/Pulitzer prize-winning poet Yusef Komunyakaa. The soon-be-released album, Big Apple Blues, is scheduled to be released on October 21, 2014. This is the second time Doncker, […]

Aubergine Machine Releases Their Newest Single

When you take a world renowned multi-platinum producer (Ian Carey) and newcomer (Shanti Ellis) who are uniquely cultured in music, you get the very diverse group, Aubergine Machine. The group clearly reflects the hearts and minds of two individuals that are determined to inspire and embrace the better side of life with zest. And to […]

Ooggz Welcomes You To Neptune

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, then what’s on Neptune? The answer to that question might be quite easy to answer after the recent release of the 5-song EP, Welcome To Neptune, as Ooggz welcomes all to planet in the far out galaxy. Regardless of Hip Hop being oversaturated, the Bronx […]

Guided By A Broken Compass

When dealing with multiple deaths to gun violence as well as other hardships at an early age, an individual can easily get lost in world but it can also prove how resilient a human being can be. That’s exactly what it shows in the multi-talented creator Amatus; life gave her lemons and she stayed determined […]

Let There Be Light

With the release of his EP, Fiat Lux, See.Francis showed all the makings of a star with a smooth weedy voice and versatility-laced flow that was backed by the hard-hitting production prowess of TheVamp. The Jersey-based rapper brought some unfiltered aggression to the booth as he spits venom on throughout the EP but really showcases […]

Minneapolis Dynamic Duo Looks To Put The Twin Cities on the Map

With accolades like being voted best local rapper by and the success of Lost Summer, the debut album with collaborator, Tru, which peaked at #12 on CMJ Hip-Hop charts under his belt, it can be easy to overlook the fact that Minneapolis based rapper/producer, Vision the Kid has kept quite busy in the Twin […]

The Voices of Terror Look To Make Noise With Debut Album

The Voices of Terror, a New Jersey based underground duo that fuses Hip-Hop, electronic and alternative music mixes brash beats with their aggressive vocals. They look to take musicality to a new level by implementing old school gangster rap with modern day alternative rhythms. Vocalists/rappers Mike Walker and Zero Production, always had a love for […]

Tomás Doncker’s New Groove

With tours that has taken him from New York City to Shanghai and back, soul icon and frontman for the Tomás Doncker Band, Tomás Doncker, has enjoyed an eventful career. But the head of True Groove Records is just getting started. After his recent partnership with The Orchard for worldwide distribution and licensing for the […]

Xombie To Release Capital X

With the a sound dubbed as Hip-Hop Hood Metal, New York City based Xombie is set to release their new album Capital X. Xombie’s sound brings a brand of unique flair to Hip-Hop, tearing up the underground scene and exploding into the ears. The have also opened for Cappadona, OTEP and Hed PE to extensive […]

Jelani Lateef Releases My Soul To Keep 2

Similar to his Chicago brethren, Common, when it comes to emceeing and the essence of cultural change that Hip-Hop can provide, Jelani Lateef has spread his conscious rhymes throughout his hometown, evolving from a person who simply puts words over beats, to a speaker that is in tune with giving life to his tracks. With […]

16 Knapp Provides Hip-Hop With Some International Flavor

Norwegian music producer 16 Knapper has spent years as a graffiti artist and skateboarder but after a lifestyle change and armed with his beloved MPC and a collection of records, he now humbly considers himself just another bedroom music producer. Influenced by the likes of J Dilla, Araabmuzik, The Alchemist and more; 16 Knapper’s fusion […]

Audra The Rapper Delivers Something Sweet

Ever have a nostalgic craving? Well look no further as Audra The Rapper provides that with the visuals for Nutter Butters. Similar to the popular peanut butter cookie sandwich from the 70s’, Audra delivers a classic sweet Hip-Hop feel with a savory flow and lyrics that are deliciously filling that’s perfectly complimented by the music […]

Stevie Bucks Looks To Get A Little Bit of Peace

While he hails from Toronto, Canada and initially got his start in the entertainment industry through acting, no one should confuse Hip-Hop artist, Stevie Bucks, with that other artist from T-Dot with a similar path. Stevie Bucks is far from your typical flashy money-focused rapper. Stevie brings to the table an old school flavor while […]

No God Flow

Brooklyn native, Julian Rhine is an enigma of sorts. Beginning his career as the White Rhino, Julian had a successful start with performances from New York to Vegas as well as his music video for the song Stunning received over 100k hits on youtube. He has also performed at SXSW, CMJ Festivals, opened for Macklemore, […]