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Thoth Set Joins Forces With Famsquad on “Lay It Down”

Thoth Set, Famsquad, Abraxas Vol 1, Lay It Down,

The mellow vibing track gets that work with some intense lyricism.   Longtime collaborators Famsquad and Thoth Set join forces once again for “Lay It Down.”  The intensity of flows and delivery, as well as the thoughtfully orchestrated lyricism, are a welcome juxtaposition to the track’s hypnotically mellow vibe.  The soulful track, which even makes […]

The Craziest Headlines of the Week

dude, wtf, dude wtf

In case you missed it, here are some of the most ridiculous, craziest, and outrageous news headlines we’ve seen all week.   Stacey Dash Pretty Much Says Rape Victims Have Themselves To Blame Stacey Dash continues to show she’s literally “Clueless.”  Please, Ms. Dash. Just stop talking. 22-Year Old Shoots & Kills Teenage Friend While […]

Rap Blogger Inspired By Eminem Hosts Cypher Series, ‘Long Island vs Everybody’

Long Island, Long Island vs Everybody, Detroit Vs Everybody, Eminem, ItsBizkit, Biz, black twitter,

  Inspired by Eminem’s “Detroit Vs Everybody” that dropped last fall, hip hop blogger and “Black Twitter” favorite @ItsBizkit decided to put on for his city and do his own version, premiering a series of cyphers he dubbed “Long Island vs Everybody.”  Part one of his cypher series featuring Long Island emcees dropped in December, and […]

Her Source | Five Beauty Habits That Are Bad for You

  They say that beauty is pain, but some of these common beauty blunders can lead to literal pain, so be it infections or worse.  Here are some of the most frequent offenders on the bad beauty habits list to nix from your routine.    Advertisement