Dim Mak Records just dropped a video for Kennedy Jones‘ new electronic track “Club Goin” and it’s unique for sure. Shot in Sin City, it features Riff Raff, a cameo from Dim Mak’s Steve Aoki, a club located in a car, trippy lights, an iced-out Tin Man/disco ball looking figure and extremely large bottles of champagne. Yet none of those compared to the inclusion of one of the early 2000’s favorites in Hip-Hop, Mike Jones.

It’s been quite a few years since we’ve seen or heard from him. Ironically, his absence from the game comes on the heels of him promoting what we thought was his upcoming album, Where is Mike Jones? He added a catchy verse and anchors the hook on this club banger. You can o pre-order the official “Club Goin” shirt on Dim Mak’s site, featuring the three artists on the track and the car that housed the club.

Hopefully this is a sign of more to come from the Houston rapper.