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“Brooklyn, home of the greatest rappers” were the words enthusiastically proclaimed by Lil’ Kim in her 2005 hit “Lighters Up.” Sunday’s (June 11) ceremony at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden was just another confirmation of how true this statement is.

Hip-Hop veteran Fabolous has maintained his spot as one of the best, most creative lyricists in the game today. Not to mention an unmatched collection of jerseys. His success in music is even more remarkable considering the length of the 39 year-old rapper’s career, starting out in his senior year of high school with a live rap for DJ Clue on Hot 97. That lead to his subsequent signing to Desert Storm Records and release of several classic albums and mixtapes over the last two decades. He’s consistently produced music appealing to avid Hip-Hop fans, despite the growing trend of music being popular without necessarily having strong lyrical content.

Thus, it comes as no shock he was honored with a spot on Celebrity Path and given a key to his beloved hometown. Borough President Eric L. Adams was in attendance, sharing words before Fab spoke himself.


I feel honored to be inducted into Brooklyn’s own Celebrity Path and receive a key to the city in June. Along with the accolades and citation, I was presented with last week from Borough President Eric L. Adams, I am grateful to be recognized by my hometown for my contributions and to receive the borough’s highest honors.

Jean-Michel Basquiat was also honored at this ceremony, making it that much more historic. This moment serves as a necessary reminder that legends never die, but they live through those who appreciate and recognize their influence.

Many took to social media to congratulate Loso, most notably his brother, Paul Cain, who offered a heartfelt congrats in an Instagram post. Something tells us he will bask in this historic moment by weaving it into one of his clever punchlines very soon. It is getting close to officially being the summertime, meaning the next installment of the Summertime Shootout series could be on its way. Take the time out to check out his discography so you can truly understand his impact in music and iconic wordplay.