R-Mean has teamed up with Joe Budden for the 22nd installment of his #MeanMondays.

The new single, “Pictures”, features the two battle emcees giving a closer look into the life of R-Mean, reflecting on the first time he got into a fight, and how that impacted his life. He further speaks of his parents as refugees and how he never had a Father figure.

“First time I got my ass beat/ I was 11 or 12, you know what that teach /I ain’t forget how it felt /I learned a lot bout myself/in preparation when LIFE come and attack ME/ I take the pain, accept it as God’s will though I know my parents refugees like Praswell-deep breath, dive into my dreams/ Cuz only dead fish swim with the stream nah mean.”

Over the hard hitting Pharomazan beat, both lyricists spit fire talking about self-awareness and lost identities.

“I rap about real sh*t,” Armenian American rapper said in a statement. “All the hype associated with industry glitz and glamor ceases to move my soul. Hand me a mic and a notepad, I’m good.”

Check out the hot new single below.