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During a recent sit down with NME, Migos and Lil Yachty  launched the debate over who is the greatest rapper of all time.

“For me, personally I could give it to [André 3000], man. Because I like him that much as a rapper,” said Offset. While Takeoff responded with: “Since you said 3K…Kendrick Lamar.”

Quavo, on the other hand, picked Jay Z. “I kind of respected the fact that my mans Jay Z is the greatest rapper right now, bro,” he said. “Straight up. You can’t mess with Jay when it’s time to come play. On some real shit, it took me a couple years to grow and understand that Jay is the guy.”


Yachty agreed with Takeoff’s choice, saying, “I ain’t gonna lie, though, I’m giving it to Kendrick, man.”


Watch it all go down below.