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In a new Worldstar Hip Hop ENIGMA Series documentary titled KING, Young Dolph takes us around South Memphis to get real acquainted with the place he calls home, the people he calls family, and the lifestyle that assisted in molding him into one of the most profitable independent artists around today. Starting as early as childhood, Dolph described his parents’ drug addiction to crack cocaine and his understanding of the drug as young as age 4. He understood it’s effects on his family, as well as his upbringing simply by comparing his parents role in his life to the difference in support and love his peers received from their own sober parents. Crack was familiar to Dolph because he was surrounded by it from his family to his neighborhood in general, but enough for him to know it was something he would never want to become a victim to.

In the documentary, Dolph takes us to the house he grew up in, his grandmother’s house. He was raised by his grandmother due to his parents’ drug addiction and he is sure to express how valuable she was and always will be to him through stories of her past time and all the things she taught him over the course of her life.

Despite being no stranger to the streets, Dolph explained, “She the only person I really ever cared about what she say, what she think about me, just any and everything. I ain’t never want to let her down.”

Dolph went on to explain the inspiration behind him becoming a rapper and the work he put in behind the scenes before ever even getting recognition in his own city. The documentary features Gucci Mane as he vouches for Dolph’s talent, work ethic, and the authenticity of his character.


The 28 minute documentary is directed by Mandon Lovett who also directed Kodak Black’s Project Baby Documentary presented by Worldstar. You can watch Young Dolph’s ‘KING Documentary below.