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R-Mean is back this week with a more lyrical approach to his “Mean Monday” series.

His latest single, “Babylon” featuring Chris Webby dropping gems about the injustices going on in the world and how things are being overshadowed in the media, due to the corruption in politics and all over.

The Armenian rapper keeps it real as he spits, “Cuz the system is designed to put all of us in hard conditions, how can we survive in this world of lawyers and politicians, Where 90 percent of cases are plea deals – get rid of us in prison cuz I can’t afford a trial to prove my innocence.”

For the 20th week in a row, R-Mean delivers another brand new song as part of his 52-week-long #MeanMondays series. Webby and R kick knowledge in the 2 verse thought provoking record, clearing the way for an uplifting hook from up and comer Jason French.


“Don’t let the Babylon bring you down” quotes French a few times before Webby lays down some wisdom about the third eye and brain washing media.

“I know they try to bring me down cause they look up to me,” R-Mean spits, “I can let em get to me or not that’s totally up to me. Negative people are so fast to bully. But see that shit more dangerous than that Kardashian pussy”

Listen to the explosive track below.