Soulful, sultry singing sensation Sade Serena, is taking the pop world by storm! Her recently released single “Come Through” is already buzzing and presumed to be another hit on the Billboard charts!

Born to Jamaican immigrant parents, the Miami-born and bred starlet’s foray into music is inevitable, as she exhibits sheer unbridled talent framed with gorgeous looks, who’s a force to be reckoned with. Under the management of Uprize Music, Sade Serena emerged with her first single “Tonight,” a sizzling pop-dance offering that debuted worldwide in February 2013, from Def Jam Digital Distribution. Kicking off the year on some very high notes for this rising star, charting on the Billboard Hot Singles at number #4.

Sade Serena continued to finesse her skills needed to carve a niche for her gifted talents, in today’s competitive music industry with her Top 40 track “Renegade” in 2014. In 2016, Sade rose to the top of the Billboard charts again with her single “Dum” featuring Grammy award winning music artist, Shaggy off her Jerk Sauce EP in 2016. Followed by hit singles “Stray” and “Daylight’.