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Migos debut New Theme Song For Champs Sports Spring Campaign


The track is produced by DJ Durel and Quavo, 11 Birds is the theme song for the Champs Sports Spring Campaign starring Julio Jones and MIGOS.

“The Moment” is a Champs Sports franchise that provides a platform for professional athletes to share inspirational stories rooted in their personal journeys to success through musical collaborations.

Inspired by his past, focused on his future, and living in “the moment,” Julio leads the Champs Sports audience through his journey. The episode begins with Julio walking down the paved streets of an Atlanta-based neighborhood clad in Under Armour with the MIGOS soundtrack playing until Julio approaches a group of young kids.  In this time frame, Jones begins to share his story beginning with, “As a kid… I was a dreamer” to then interacting and playing with the youth in the street.  After spending time with the children and walking further down the streets of Atlanta, Julio connects with MIGOS at the iconic 11th Street Studios where MIGOS plays the title song for the star athlete.


“We Know Game” is a declaration of the values Champs Sports shares with its consumers: Perseverance, Achievement, Growth, Community, and Optimism.  Champs Sports is committed to equipping its consumers for the win, no matter the landscape they face in life.  In the process, Champs Sports will provide innovative platforms for athletes and other celebrities to share their personal stories of living these values.

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