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Out of nowhere, Nintendo has announced another 3DS hardware revision: the New 2DS XL. As the name suggests, this takes features from the New 3DS, like the C-stick, Amiibo-compatible NFC reader, and extra processing power, while removing the display’s 3D functionality.

But the design is nothing like the wedge-shaped original 2DS — it’s a traditional DS-style clamshell. And, while the screens are the same size as found in the 3DS XL, the 2DS XL appears to be smaller and sleeker.

If you don’t care about the 3D screen, then, this could be the best 3DS yet. It’ll be available on July 28th for $149.99 in the US, $50 less than the New 3DS XL and $70 more than the 2DS. That same day Nintendo will also release Hey Pikmin! and Miitopia for the system. The New 2DS XL will be released slightly earlier in Japan, selling for 14,980 yen on July 13th.