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Retired NBA player Derek Anderson probably has one of the most exclusive player editions of Air Jordan’s.

That would make sense. After all, the dude was one of the first to sign with Team Jordan along with the likes of Eddie Jones, Vin Baker and Ray Allen.

While speaking at the A&M Sports Academy on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Anderson a motivational speaker and author of the book, Stamina, chatted with the Scoop B Radio Overtime Podcast about a certain shoe that has created a ton of buzz for sneakerheads: The Air Jordan XI.

While chatting with sports and entertainment journalist, Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson, on the podcast, Anderson, who enjoys low top kicks told Michael Jordan that he should consider making the mid shoot totally low top. “I was sitting in the office with Michael Jordan,” Anderson told Scoop B. “We were all sitting at the table. I was used to playing in low cuts, so I told him, ‘Can’t we cut these shoes off?’


Check Out The Chat On The Scoop B Radio Podcast Here.

He looked at me and was like: ‘What?’ And I was like: ‘I just wanna cut that shoe off, I like these in a low cut. He said: ‘Let’s try it.’ We tried it and we came up with a low cut shoe and I’ve been wearing low cut ever since.”

Anderson also weighed in on his favorite Air Jordans. “I played in everything,” he said. “Everything low cut. But to me, 3, 4s and 11s.”

Anderson won a NCAA National Championship with Kentucky along with Antoine Walker. Anderson was also a first round pick in the 1997 NBA NBA Draft (13th overall) and selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers. He spent 10 years in the NBA playing for the Houston Rockets, Charlotte Bobcats, San Antonio Spurs, Cavaliers, Los Angeles Clippers and the Miami Heat. He averaged 12 points a game in his NBA career and won an NBA Finals ring with Shaquille O’Neal and Dwyane Wade in 2006.