In the first episode of HERSource Heroines, we sat down with pioneer streetwear designer April Walker of Walker Wear.
In this episode we joined Walker at her in-home showroom, where she dropped clever gems on life, work ethic, fashion and timeless style. We explored the heritage of Walker Wear; traveling back in time to where it all began. Her clothing line has been worn and promoted by legendary figures such as Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Mike Tyson, Jam Masta Jay and many more.
Walker took us on a detailed tour through the decades of the evolution and memorable times of Walker Wear. She dished on design concepts, and funny stories of some of the influential Hip Hop stars of the 90s that helped push her brand forward.
Walker’s new book Get Your Ass Off The Couch releases this Spring and caters to entrepreneurs in need of a gut-check.
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Host & Words By: Alexis Nadira
Video By: Fabian P. & Lena B.
Production Assistant: Venus Rose