17-year-old Jordan Middleton was shot after being snuck into a home by a 14-year-old girl. The owner Derrick Fulton told police it was a misunderstanding and that the boy was mistaken for an intruder.

At 2:47 a.m. Saturday, Jordan entered the home and alarmed the family’s dog who then led the girl’s father to their guest room. Fulton claimed that he called out to the intruder letting him know that he was armed. After no response he entered the room the teen ran out of the closet and Fulton then discharged his firearm shooting the teen in his chest.

Jordan died on the scene and Fulton called law enforcement to report the suspected burglary. It turned out that the teen was led in by his daughter and no burglary took place.

High School coach Kevin Kenny gave his remarks to the news on Monday.

“I heard about it this morning, and it’s a terrible tragedy for both families…he was just a great kid.”

There have been no charges filed on the incident as of now.