HoodCelebrityy is an extremely talented lyricist who showcases her sharp punchlines in each and every verse. Born in Jamaica, she later moved to the Bronx, New York where her unique fusion of reggae, pop, and hip-hop would begin to take shape. Her talent is on full display throughout her new single “The Takeover“.

“The Takeover” instrumental comes from A Boogie & Don Q’s standout record “Bando”. HoodCelebrityy certainly adds her own touch to the track, providing a rendition like no other. After getting co-signed by long-time friend Cardi B in 2015, her artistic ability was given a chance to shine in the mainstream eye.

Since then HoodCelebrityy has thrived, however her talent speaks for itself. “The Takeover” serves as the lead single off her upcoming debut project “Can’t Believe It’s Just A Girl”, which is set to drop sometime this spring. Take a listen to HoodCelebrityy’s outstanding lyricism on her newest single, and take a look at the video as well!