Recently, 50 Cent went on an Instagram rant last week to announce that retired basketball players Kenyon Martin and Tim Thomas will fight in a celebrity boxing match.

“They really need to go ahead and get that shit off their chest.” he said.

After an interview Billboard’s Carl Lamarre conducted with Martin on Wednesday, the match doesn’t look to promising.

During a press run to promote Ice Cube‘s BIG3 3-on-3 league on Wednesday, Martin shot it down.

“Don’t be part of the circus, dog. You know what they say if you entertain clowns, right? If you entertain clowns, you become part of the circus. I’m a 39-year-old grown-ass man, dog. If that was going to happen, I would have took care of it seven years ago. I moved on. I got kids at home. I don’t got time for that. It’s childish. It’s just people reaching for something to talk about. I’m not gonna entertain that.”

Martin and Thomas’ feud dates back to the 2004 NBA Playoffs. Thomas, a New York Knick at the time, and Martin, then a member of the then-New Jersey Nets got into it following a flagrant foul via Jason Collins caused Thomas to have a serious back injury and miss the remainder of the NBA Playoffs. After Thomas was released from the hospital, he expressed his frustration to the New York media, telling reporters that he would be looking to hit someone back when he returned to the court. When pressed by a writer on his stance on Kenyon Martin, Thomas replied: that Martin was a “fugazi,” a term popularized by former HBO original program The Sopranos which means ‘fake.’

Martin would respond by cutting out the New York Post’s headline that read “Whiny Tim” and taped it to his practice jersey for all the media to see. Years later Martin and Thomas’ feud never died and the two have gone on to relive it in recent interviews.

In an interview with CBS Radio’s Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson on his Scoop B Radio Podcast last year, Thomas insists that he’d like to step into the ring and box Kenyon Martin with the proceeds going to a charity of Martin’s choosing.“Brother let’s get in the ring,” said Thomas .

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