Toronto has birthed a hand full of successful acts that stay flourishing in our mainstream culture; from television to radio they stay topping charts. With that being said, 2016 was truly a year of some of the new faces from the 6 to come into the spotlight. William Darc is the latest addition to the lineup of the city’s best vocalists. He’s an offspring of the ‘Toronto Sound’ in every way: it’s moody, smooth and atmospheric. No surprise then is the etheral ‘Lines’, Darc’s intro to the Toronto R&B scene. The record itself is obtuse, laying bare it’s DNA in it’s synths of everyday human life emotions. 

From his very busy schedule, Darc took time out to discuss what molded his silky seductive sound which captures the night time lifestyle in the city. 

1. Tell us more about yourself.

That’s a hard question to answer, I’m definitely still trying to figure out a lot.

2. How long have you been making music for?

It’s been lingering, you could say. talent shows and things as a child but thinking I could do something with it, making it for the intention of art or expression – about 3 years

3. What are some of your biggest influences when it comes to music?

That’s a long list, I definitely have a more a variety of influencers in different genders but I can say that folk and alternative rock really shaped my writing style, people like PARTY or The Weeknd for a more recent RNB sound but also older artists like Raphael Saadiq or Anthony Hamilton and that big Neo Soul wave being an influence to my texture and tone.  

4. What does your single ‘Lines’ stand for? tell us more about it and the process behind the single.

It’s definitely an ode to the late nighter. I had been hanging around a lot of girls stuck in this cycle of usage and I guess one night, with the right instrumental in front of me ended up really being able to paint this picture of regret and distaste that a scene girl out every night in the city doing cocaine in bathroom stalls with guys they don’t know; could relate to

5. If you had to describe your aesthetic to a complete stranger, what would it be?

Mysterious seems to be the word I hear the most frequent. I guess it depends where you’re looking but I definitely pop up here and there. I would say that I’m friendly but unapproachable – I like to keep a certain degree of separation, personal things or not normally expressed things stay just that.

6. When your not in the studio putting in work, what do you get up to?

I like to stay busy for sure, always trying to get something done. whatever I can do to create I definitely explore, DJing, styling, photography – anyway I can get involved.

7. If I was to turn on your iPod what would I find on your playlist?

I definitely have a few playlists, I can’t help but separate my music by mood or vibe. one that I’ve been listening to the most is whatever I’ve been accumulating since later last year – newer Majid, PARTYNEXTDOOR, some more underground people trippie redd, xxxtentacion, Louis Val,  Kensho, a lot of local people that I’ve connected with or stuff that I’ve genuinely just found/heard and enjoyed 

8. What made you pick William Darc as your stage name?

There’s no exciting story, it was a play on my given name because people always said William couldn’t be used in relation to it. I’m very aware of my darker tint on the way I approach social media and life,  I wanted the name to be fully reflecting off that and adding the the variant of the “c”, similar to marc jacobs gave it an elevated twist.

9. How would you describe the current state of downtown Toronto music scene?

It’s very much in this weird toss up, people we’ve been hearing about are climbing the ladder and people we haven’t heard about are popping up out of nowhere with incredible talent. It’s definitely an experience on it’s own to be apart of this growing culture, something like this is very special to see.

10. Why do you think it is so important to make a big impact?  

Considering how much spotlight Toronto has been getting, impact is more important than ever. I’m constantly trying to improve and become closer and closer to being an undeniable artist, so when the moment is right the impact we make will be exactly where we need it to be.

11. 5 goals in 2017.

  1. Learn how Makonnen got skinny so fast
  2. Find the perfect piece of art for this wall in my room
  3. Finish reading all the e books I downloaded on my phone 
  4. Take over for Kanye West 
  5. Spend more time spending more time