Imagining a party with Chris Brown, Usher, and Gucci Mane, you’d think it’d be at this hot club with girls and booze and the whole works. But despite lyrics, the music video for “Party” directed by Breezy, had none of that. It was actually pretty PG. But that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially with its attention towards choreography.

Here you have two R&B artists, Brown and Usher, in a warehouse/garage/mall-type place who not only rose to fame because for their voices but for their moves, similar to the multifaceted Michael Jackson. And they are surrounded by young dancers, reminiscent of Brown’s old gaggle of mini CB’s, Scooter Smiff and Myles Brown. And sure modern music points us to the Mary Jane smoke + bottles + girls = party, but we’ve also experienced a string of dance-centric songs fueling cookouts and basement parties alike—“Juju on That Beat,” “Watch Me [Whip/Nae Nae],” “Hit the Quan,” to name a few. Not to mention, Brown like many of us is always doing some sort of dance challenge on social media. All in all, the music video for “Party“ was an affirmation for dance-lovers everywhere that “we know how to party.”

Of course to gain entrance into the exclusive party in the video, the Black Pyramid don had to show off some moves. Usher was shoo-in to get in, I’m sure. Guwop probably wizop-ed his way past bouncers to the “Underground.” Once in, the R&B artists took command of the vocals and catchy chorus by written A1 Bentley and Lyrica Anderson, and left Gucci to celebrate his post-jail days with some dope bars.

So while the rest of us don’t have the rhythm of Chris Brown, Usher, or Gucci Mane to get into their party, any function we do attend will be a whole lot more lit with Heartbreak on a Full Moon’s “Party,” available on iTunes. Press play to get it started: