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Outside of the major statement he’s been making on the court with two consecutive triple double games after only having played three games this season — Russell Westbrook is sending the same message off the court in his new Jordan ad. In the new advertisement you can catch Westbrook showing off his undeniable dance moves that of which we are very familiar with hence all his pre-game turn ups and mini celebratory performances during games.

The ad features Lil Uzi Vert’s song ‘Now I Do What I Want’ which perfectly aligns with the attitude Westbrook has adapted this season being that he is undoubtedly Oklahoma’s premiere player this year. Overall, the lyrics could actually be the theme song for Westbrook’s entire career.

The new ad promotes Westbrook’s new Jordan Westbrook 0.2 sneaker that’s now available at all sneaker retailers. Not quite a basketball shoe, Jordan and Westbrook are considering the sneaker an off-court luxury as it is dressed in premium suede available in various colorways.

We’re excited to see Westbrook’s momentum continue to increase on and off the court throughout the duration of this season. Go watch the ad below.