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Audio Push has announced the coming of their debut album with a trailer.

The 90951 album comes after a series of mixtapes. The California duo erupted on the scene in 2010 and their music soon became synonymous with partying, sex and dance culture. Their first major hit, “Teach Me How to Jerk,” took on iconic dance moves. They followed up with “Up n Down.”

“That’s what is 90951. It’s taking you on a journey of who Audio Push is, where we’re from, why we’re like this, the things we’ve been through.

Now, the Interscope signees wants to make music that more reflects who they are inside, not just what is fun to make. Their lives have very much been influenced by African spirituality, they explain in their trailer. And that’s where they see their new music dipping into. They want to steer clear of the stereotypical topics rappers today cover and what they once covered. “The 90951 is what the world needs. Everybody is making music that they think the world wants.”


Their last works, Inside the Vibe and The Stone Junction, came in February and April. And their next, 90951, comes next month [September 23, 2016].