Who would have thought that an honest, on-air review of Drake’s Views album would have led to Joe Budden being in Hip Hop headlines nearly every day since then? Things have obviously escalated and at this current time there are multiple disses back and forth between the two emcees, some subliminal and others very clear and direct. And to think—all of it started from a podcast.

With the popularity of most traditional radio stations dropping at a fast pace nowadays, there’s a new go-to form of media for interviews and on-air discussions: the podcast. The days of having to be tuned in to a radio station at a certain time to hear your favorite on-air personalities are dead and gone. Podcasts give fans the option to listen to who they want, when they want and the ability to do so makes it much easier to stay up to date with whatever one’s interests may be.

Certain figures in the Hip Hop game have noticed the benefits of podcasting and decided to give it a try, leading to a rise in popularity and a large increase in fanbase. One of the names that immediately comes to mind is Joey.

Budden’s “I’ll Name This Podcast Later” stays at the top of the podcast charts week after week and for good reason. His show consists of himself along with his co-hosts Rory and Marisa Mendez talking about everything from their personal lives to current events in Hip Hop, news headlines and updates on what Joe is currently working on in his music career. It gives fans a chance to get to know Joe on more of a personal level and as most of his fans already know, he’s not one to bite his tongue when it comes to voicing an opinion.

Since its inception the podcast has proven to be a great fit for Joe. Week after week he’s able to vent his thoughts, raw and unfiltered, and get them out directly to all of his fans. Of course he had an established career before the podcast, but there’s no denying it has helped him with exposure. Though it may be associated with the birth of the Budden vs Drake dispute, be assured there is a lot more to this podcast than just on-record beef. Joey seems to be just getting started and he’s definitely a natural fit in the podcast game.