Usher has never failed to amaze, and since his debut in 1994, the once-in-a-generation talent has redefined the R&B genre several times, and stayed relevant even through the here today/gone tomorrow internet age.

His long-awaited new album, Flawed, has seen delays dating back to the end of 2014, but he appears poised to finally deliver it this year. Last month, Usher dropped two singles, “No Limit” featuring Young Thug and the sensual “Crash,” and he performed the latter last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in unique fashion. Slow motion, to be exact.

He’s known for his vacillating dancing rhythms, and as recently as 2014 he wowed fans with a hiccup-y moonwalk in Chris Brown‘s “New Flame” video, but last night Usher took it to another level. Backed by The Roots, who appeared to be in sync with Usher’s slow-motion agenda, the “Crash” singer sang and danced to his new single at a slightly slower speed than normal. As predicted by Fallon prior to the show, it was an eye-popper.

Watch it above.