Did Flint ever get clean water?

Although the process for Flint to make its recovery from the water crisis may have slipped under the radar to the general public, there has been steady progress in the criminal investigation that was opened as a result of the situation. With counts such as “withholding information from the public” as well as “willful neglect of duty”, the number of state and local officials that have been charged is now nine as of today.

This morning [Friday, July 29] at 11:30 ET, Schuette and Special Counsel Todd Flood held a news conference to announce the second round of charges for this case. Adam Rosenthal, water quality analyst, faces charges of willful neglect of duty and tampering with evidence. One of the highest officials involved, Liane Shekter-Smith, former chief of the Office of Drinking Water, was charged as well. The list goes on.

The news coverage for Flint’s current state continues to alleviate as the days go by. The severity of the situation remains devastating. Even if this widening criminal investigation results in charging numerous more officials for their wrongdoing and making them pay the price, many effects of this horrific situation are long-term and irreversible, especially when considering the health of young children that were affected. It is important to still keep Flint on our minds and support in any way possible.