Outside of the highly sought after Yeezy Boost from Kanye West, we can’t forget Adidas has signed some of the sports world’s most influential players. In 2012 Derrick Rose signed a lifetime (14 year) deal with Adidas for a reported $260 million. Back in August of 2015, James Harden signed a $200 million deal with Adidas as well. The 2014 #1 overall draft pick, Andrew Wiggins, signed his Adidas shoe deal for $10-$12 million. Also in 2014, Damian Lillard signed the third richest shoe deal in NBA History with Adidas.

Of course, a basketball shoe specific for running, jumping, stopping, and cutting on hardwood floors would be quite different from a Kanye styled shoe designed strictly for style and comfort. Or would it?

Adidas hosted a basketball event in Las Vegas this week and Complex caught up with the Adidas basketball stars to ask them about their possible collaborations with Kanye. Here’s what they were able to tell us.

Derrick Rose stated:

I haven’t spoken to him [Kanye] yet, but I would love if he were to design me a shoe. If he wants to design me a shoe and give it to me without even looking at it, I’ll take it. [Laughs.] I’ll take it, it’s whatever. Just off his resume, I have a lot of confidence in his creativity. If that was to happen, I would love it, but adidas would have to push that button. I would love it, though.

Damian Lillard stated:

I haven’t [met with Kanye], but I saw he was wearing my triple-white Boost shoes. That let me know that he liked my shoe. Being a signature athlete and also being involved in music, it only makes sense for us to cross paths and go down that road.

Andrew Wiggins stated:

I haven’t spoke to him yet. I would love for him to help Jesse [Rademacher ] and everyone else to design the shoe, for him to have some say in it at least. Look what he did to his own shoes. The Yeezy, that’s what everyone wants right now.

James Harden stated:

Yeah [we’re going to do a shoe]. Me and ‘Ye haven’t had any conversations yet. I think it could possibly happen in the near future, especially with how well everything’s going and how well he’s doing with the Yeezys. I think everyone’s excited about the wave that’s coming: Off the court, fashion, and on the court. Dame, Kyle Lowry, Wigg, everyone’s excited about everything that’s going on.

This is exciting news. Although some of these conversations with Kanye haven’t happened just yet, I’m sure Kanye will take it upon himself to go over and beyond to ensure these collaborations happen after hearing such willingness from each of the players. Kanye’s an overachiever, and to have his designs being worn up and down the NBA basketball courts for the world to see — I’m sure he would be totally for such a great marketing tactic.