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Today [Friday, July 15] ESPN is reporting Von Miller, the reigning Super Bowl MVP, agreed to a new contract with the Denver Broncos which would make his the highest paid defensive player in NFL history.

The contract is for six years, worth $114.5 million, with $70 million guaranteed in the first three years. Miller took to his Twitter account to express his happiness with signing the deal.


The contract negotiations had carried on for a long time between Denver and Miller, with the biggest tension over the guaranteed money that Miller would receive. Unlike the highly lucrative contracts we’ve seen handed out this summer in the NBA, NLF contracts are not very good for the players. Often NFL contracts are structured around bonuses and other requirements that would unlock money for the player, but only if those requirements were met.

Miller, after his great season last year and amazing performance in the Super Bowl, felt he deserved a large amount of guaranteed money since careers in the NFL are so short due to the immense physical toll the sport takes on its athletes. Thankfully the Broncos paid him his well earned money, and now the Broncos can focus on how they are going to defend their Super Bowl title.