Two days ago, news broke that Draymond Green, All-Star, NBA Champion and former Michigan State Spartan, had been arrested on assault charges in East Lansing, Michigan. There were very few details available at the time, and other than the fact that he got into a physical altercation with a man in a restaurant, police were mum on the circumstances that led to Green being taken into custody.

Today, via TMZ, more details have surfaced, and they do indeed involve Green fighting with a man at a bar called Conrad’s. Green reportedly slapped a young Michigan State Spartan football player, 22-year-old Jermaine Edmunson, after Edmunson confronted him about unapologetically bumping into his girlfriend at another bar. After Edmunson requested that Green apologize, Draymond reportedly got riled up, and retorted, “Do you know who I am?…I pay for n*ggas like you scholarships,” which was followed by an altercation involving Edmunson, his girlfriend, and members of Green’s crew.

That led to the slapping incident at Conrad’s, which apparently happened right in front of onlooking police officers. Green was arrested with a .10 blood alcohol level–.08 is the legally drunk level–and reportedly said he was sorry for hitting Edmunson.

Green has released the most Draymond Green statement ever regarding the incident.

When things happen, you meet them head on. My legal team is handling it. It will be resolved really quickly. As a public figure I can’t put myself in certain situations. It’s something that I’ll learn from and move on.