After three consecutive miserable seasons, the Knicks finally have a roster to be proud of, a coach and front office to put their faith in, and most importantly, some help for their superstar, Carmelo Anthony.

New York got working quickly this offseason, and it paid them early dividends, as they were able to make a deal to acquire Derrick Rose from the Bulls in exchange for Jose Calderon and Robin Lopez. The addition of Rose made the Knicks an attractive destination for former Defensive Player of the Year Joakim Noah, also a Bull last season. A week later, the Knicks added Noah, and free agent 3-point specialist Courtney Lee to the fold, and then Brandon Jennings days later.

What should excite Knicks fans is the different weapons they now have on offense not named Melo. What should also excite them, is what the offense will look like once Melo gets assimilated with these new parts, a tease of which you can see below, where Melo and Joakim Noah are working on a 2-man game they’ll need if they want to compete with Cleveland and Toronto.