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Now that Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard, Al Horford and other big names are off the board, this crazy free agency summer has birthed another player worthy of a sweepstakes: Dwyane Wade.

It was thought to be a foregone conclusion by many that Wade would re-sign with the Heat, the only team he’s ever played for, but Miami’s inability to give their superstar the deal he and his team are requesting has thrown a monkey wrench in that sentiment. Wade wants $50 million over 2 years, Miami can only afford $40 million, partially due to their re-signing of Hassan Whiteside, a deal Heat president Pat Riley appeared to prioritize over Wade’s.

So, today, Wade is in New York City meeting with potential suitors, suitors that can give him the money he’s actively seeking. At first it was the Nuggets, who showed up strapped to offer the 3-time champ $52 million for 2 years, then a meeting with Wade’s hometown Bulls went down, as did a meeting with Bucks representatives, despite reports that Wade’s team cancelled a previously scheduled meeting with Milwaukee.

These three teams have something in common: The money and cap space to sign a player like Wade, and the absence of a bonafide superstar that would prevent them from building a contender around him. (Jimmy Butler is good, really good, but not a superstar.) Wade was also expected to meet with Heat owner Micky Arison today, so it’s safe to say that Wednesday will be the most pivotal day of D. Wade’s free agency period thus far.