As of today [Sunday, July 3] Kevin Durant has not revealed much about his decision on who he will be playing with next year. He’s already met with the Thunder, the Spurs, the Warriors, the Celtics and the Clippers, and he’s scheduled to meet with the Miami Heat today.

ESPN has reported Durant expects to make his decision either tonight or tomorrow morning. Several deals have gone down since the beginning of free agency that will probably effect Durant’s decision, and at this point the “experts” are all scratching their heads as to where he’ll go.

The Thunder have been considered favorites since day one, seeing as they nearly made it to the NBA Finals last season, they’ve gotten younger with the Victor Oladipo/Serge Ibaka trade and they can offer Durant the most money, this year and next year if he chooses to sign a one-year deal.

But other teams have made big pushes over the past 48 hours, and they’ve given Durant a lot to think about today. The Warriors can offer him immediate contention for a title (even though we’re all wondering how the chemistry of that team will work), the Spurs can offer him stability and consistency when it comes to challenging for a title, and the Clippers have dangled the idea of a “Big 4” out for Durant (trying to distract him from the fact they would need to still fill out their roster).

The team with arguably the greatest chance to pry Durant away from OKC is the Boston Celtics. With their solid roster, their young coach, their future draft picks, and now their new signing of Al Horford, they must present an enticing opportunity to Durant. With their projected starting five being Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Durant, Jared Sullinger and Horford, the Celtics would be considered favorites or at least close rivals for the top spot in the East, which no team in the West can guarantee Durant.

Durant clearly has a tough choice, either contend with the Celtics, or return to the Thunder and give it one more go with Russell Westbrook, and see where he stands next year. Either way, you’re definitely going to remember where you were when you (finally) hear Durant’s decision.