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After a long and successful run on ESPN’s First Take, Skip Bayless has officially left the program, signing on with competitor Fox Sports. The move left the network with a huge void to fill as First Take is ESPN’s highest rated program. Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports, who had previously left ESPN in the same manner that Bayless did, revealed today that Max Kellerman will be replacing Skip.

Kellerman has been a co-host of ESPN’s SportsNation alongside Michelle Beadle and Marcellus Wiley. Cowherd shared that both parties were not close at all during negotiations, $100K apart, while also publicly stating that it is a “done deal” and an announcement will be made some time soon.

The addition of Kellerman on First Take apparently won’t go over so well with Michelle Beadle.


“Thoughts on SportsNation. Michelle Beadle’s a friend, Max Kellerman is leaving that show, he’s going to be on First Take.” “It’s a done deal,” Cowherd told someone off-camera, “well pretty much, yeah.”

“Cowherd said the change was going to upset Beadle and that she was “pissed off.” “Beadle likes Kellerman, that’s not going to play well for Beadle, she’ll be upset. “ Cowherd also claims that Kellerman and ESPN were $100,000 apart in negotiations for the deal.”