This Video Clip of Stephen A. Smith Incorrectly Predicting the NBA Finals Winner Will Crack You Up

Stephen A. Smith is a loudmouth, outspoken, sometimes bombastic sports reporter, journalist and TV/radio personality that also happens to be one of the most prominent voices in the sport. His riffs with players make national headlines, and when teams or players prove him wrong, they wear it on their respective chests like a badge of honor. He carries that much weight in the sports world, and with the ESPN engine behind him, he gets to do his thing on the biggest platform in the industry.

So, as is the case with most outspoken people, he’s got a significant amount of denouncers that take pleasure in pointing out when he gets it totally, wildly, and completely wrong. Cue in this video clip, which is a delightfully edited video montage of Stephen A. Smith incorrectly predicting who will win the NBA Finals each of the last 6 seasons. We kid you not, this thing goes right down to the moment he predicted that the Warriors would win the crown this year, which we of course know wasn’t the case.

Ironically, it’s Stephen A.’s former First Take co-host, Skip Bayless, who has come under fire in recent days amid declarations that “his” San Antonio Spurs would have taken care of the NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers, which has averted attention away from this atrocity. Well, it won’t stay hidden much longer. Sorry, Stephen.