We’ve seen sports teams honor their players in all types of unique ways, from banners and statues to jersey patches, but the Seattle Mariners went all out in paying tribute to Ken Griffey Jr., one of the greatest players in the history of the franchise, and a 2016 inductee to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Last week was the MLB Draft, and with their 24th round pick, the Seattle Mariners selected Trey Griffey, who actually quit playing baseball when he was 11, and decided to play baseball after being prompted by his father Ken to chase his own dreams.

But as I got older, my dad told me, ‘You have to choose the sport you want to play.’ I said I want to play football. Once I turned 11, I was done with baseball.

The 24th round also sounds very familiar. Maybe it’s because as a Mariner, Ken Griffey Jr., with that sweet swing and that intimidating stare, wore number…

griffey 244

It may seem silly, using a draft pick on a subtle tribute other than drafting a player that can actually help your franchise, but considering the Mariners have been rebuilding their franchise for years and are currently primed to make a playoff run this year, they can afford to use a twenty-fourth round pick to honor one of the greatest to ever do it.