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Former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar is returning to mixed martial arts for UFC 200.

Lesnar, retired since 2011, has been a recent addition to the WWE, re-establishing himself as one of the biggest stars in professional wrestling, according to Fox Sports.

Last year, Lesnar signed a deal with WWE and claimed he was done with mixed martial arts for good.


“It was a very hard decision for me. The fighter inside of me wants to compete. I’m an older caveman now, so I make wiser caveman decisions. So I’m here to say that my legacy in the Octagon is over,” Lesnar said at the time.

However, as time passed Lesnar’s desire to fight again heightened, but he felt he was in a constant battle with his body. The desire got the best of Lesnar and he’s decided to make a comeback.

WWE released a statement:

“Brock Lesnar remains under contract to WWE, however, he has been granted a one-off opportunity to compete at UFC 200,” WWE said on Saturday. “Following this milestone event on July 9, Brock will return to WWE for SummerSlam Sunday, August 21, live on WWE Network.”

An opponent for Lesnar is yet to be announced.