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During a recent live play session of his own, T-Pain recalled how Birdman and Lil Wayne always had “money to blow” on Madden video game match-ups.

Every online gamer and college student can attest to this: if you’re sure you can take the guy off the sticks, why not win some extra cash in the process? The theory works for Baby and Weezy., because apparently the former “father and son” duo used to bet $10,000 on Madden games and then let the computer play itself.

Normally gamers would call one another out and set the score by picking up the controllers and let their gaming do the talking. As fun of an idea it is, why would someone stress themselves out putting their hands on a computer to help them win money over their opponent? According to T-Pain, “Lil Wayne and Birdman used to make the most ballin’-est [expletive] bets I’ve ever seen in my life.”


The two would let the simulated game go and whomever’s team (as run by the computer) beat the other guy’s team (also run by the computer) won ten thousand dollars. When word got out about the exorbitant bets, the EA Sports Madden Twitter account jokingly and cleverly advised fans with some advice.