Chicago producer Bryan Ford and Wu Tang Clan alum Killah Priest have teamed-up for For the Future of Hip Hop, the forthcoming album on Revolutionary Music.

Inspired by Ford’s otherworldly production, the first video for the track “Fluctuate” finds Priest taking on his alter ego, King Zohar, the alien-god emcee. The video was filmed at The Occult Bookstore in Chicago, which lends the project a “I’m about to put a hex on you” vibe.

With skulls, owls and an apothecary in the background, it’s hard not to imagine some sort of weird witchcraft is about to go down. Overall, Priest rides the beat in a way only a seasoned emcee can and consequently does justice to Ford’s flawless production work.

The Chicago-based beat-maker and New York hip-hop vet bring signature east coast lyricism over future leaning production to their latest project. All the production is by Ford with guests spots from fellow Windy City emcees Pugs, Atomz and Awdazcate.