It’s been a sad few years for the Philadelphia 76ers, who are easily the sorriest franchise in the NBA at its current state. Despite several high lottery picks over the years, the team has struggled to put together a cohesive young core, opting instead to overstock their roster with promising (and injury-prone) big men that haven’t provided the team with the offensive foundation it so desperately needs.

That could change this year, especially considering the results of last night’s NBA Draft Lottery. The Sixers edged out the Celtics (by way of the Nets) and the Lakers to secure the #1 pick in next month’s draft, which will feature a plethora of guard and wing players that could potentially change the trajectory of their franchise. Will they select LSU phenom Ben Simmons, who is already being pegged the next LeBron James? Or will they go with Brandon Ingram, Duke’s sweet shooter?

Either way, once the playoffs end, it’ll be the Sixers world, and considering the fact they have two additional first-round picks, this could be the summer that changes everything for Philadelphia.