Dwyane Wade is a legend in the eyes of many NBA fans in the United States and the world, but he may have soured his relations in the land of the 6 (Toronto, Canada) for a while.

On Saturday, May 7 for Game 3 Wade decided to get more shots up in the midst of the Canadian national anthem, “O’ Canada.” This more than ruffled feathers, so much so Wade was prompted to issue an apology to anyone he offended.


“No disrespect at all from me,” Wade said. “I apologize for Canada thinking I would disrespect them as a country. So today, I just adjusted how I normally get ready for a game and got in the line first.

“I have so much respect for theToronto Raptors, obviously, and I have respect for the country of Canada. So I didn’t mean any disrespect.”

Wade often doesn’t line up for the pregame anthem until he makes a certain shot, though during most games in Miami the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” is usually preceded by a brief ceremony honoring military personnel, which buys him a few more seconds to line up before the anthem begins.