Wiz Khalifa on YEEZYs: “I Just Don’t Like That Shoe”


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No, Wiz Khalifa doesn’t think the YEEZY jumped over the Jumpman.

The Pittsburgh rapper has had a complex relationship with Kanye West over the years, from Kanye rapping “only n*gga I got respect for is Wiz” after his break-up with Amber Rose, to their Twitter feud earlier this year, during which Kanye declared that he “owns” the child Khalifa had with Rose. Unfortunately, Kanye had mistaken Khalifa’s use of the term “KK”–Wiz’s special weed strand–for a dig at his wife, Kim Kardashian.

As of right now, it would be remiss to say there’s an active beef between the two, but they certainly aren’t jumping at the chance to throw each other praise, evidenced by Wiz Khalifa’s interview with a Dubai sneaker channel, Money Kicks, during which he’s asked about ‘Ye comparing his YEEZY Boost shoes to Jordans. So, Wiz, did Yeezy leapfrog Mike? “Nah, hell no. Never. Jordan is a brand that’s not going no where. That’s like Chuck Taylor.”


That’s a pretty fair assessment, and it was followed by Wiz’s personal opinion of Kanye’s adidas shoe, which was–forgive us–blunt.

“I don’t hate anything, I just don’t like that shoe.”

Watch the interview above.