Spring brings new beginnings and new energy. Meet DJ C. DeVone, a globe-trotting DJ and life coach from New York City who has crafted a way for the new you to be in full bloom this season.

Already handling her own with a hefty high-profile client roster, this queen of the turntables recently announced a new edition to her long list of accolades: “The Spring Cleaning” campaign. Created during what DeVone calls a “mental and physical downward spiral,” The Spring Cleaning is a 7-day challenge to heal your mind, body, and soul with the power of music.


Challenge yourself to a daily task and enjoy her hand-crafted Spotify playlist for a positive Spring Cleaning. Whether your goal is to make a fresh start, reinvent yourself, or become a happier you – this music-filled challenge is the first step in helping the girl on the go to achieve her best self.

Daily tasks include detoxing, cooking, and working out. The Spring Cleaning includes advice from beauty and wellness heavy hitters who offer awesome “Spring Cleaning” tips: Camara Aunique, (celebrity makeup artist), Pilin Anice (yoga, health & wellness guru), BK Travel Addict Shalom “Chef Jay” a.k.a. The Meditating Chef, Coach Cass (fitness and wellness with Coach Cass), Angelique Michelle from Iconiq Wardrobe and Kéla Walker.

To join the campaign, visit DJ C. DeVone’s site. Share your Spring Cleaning photos and stories with #thespringcleaning2016.