Last week a video uploaded to showed Nick Young admitting to cheating on his fiancee, Iggy Azalea, with a 19-year-old girl, and claiming that he wouldn’t sleep with Amber Rose because she knows Azalea. Though it wasn’t immediately apparent who was recording the video and asking Swaggy P questions, ESPN was later able to confirm with Lakers officials that the voice and hand behind the recording was D’Angelo Russell, the budding Lakers star and 2nd overall pick in last year’s draft.

As if things aren’t hard enough on the court for LA–they suffered a 48-point loss at the hands of the Jazz, the worst loss of Kobe Bryant‘s career–they now have to deal with a broken locker room, made tense by Russell’s actions. ESPN cited sources that claimed that teammates isolated Russell at a recent breakfast meeting, and after Russell sat next to Lou Williams in the locker room recently, Williams promptly got up and walked away.

ESPN’s Ramona Shelbourne spoke with a Lakers team source who divulged that “It’s bad.” They went on to say, “It’s about as bad as it can get. There were trust issues already. Now there’s no trust.”

Another team insider contextualized the incident as a “prank gone wrong,” and tried to further soften the blow by saying it was “a mistake by [Russell], and he has to be held accountable, but I would hope he isn’t overly criticized for it.”

Still, there will be no easy way out of this for the former Ohio State star, who was expected to be a young leader and the future of this Lakers team, especially in lieu of Bryant’s imminent departure. Nick Young, who has been all over TMZ recently discussing and joking about his forthcoming wedding plans with Azalea, sent out some vague and cryptic tweets that seemed to be a passive aggressive reaction to the news about his being recorded by Russell.

Russell has yet to respond or comment on the still developing situation. The Lakers host the Miami Heat tonight in a nationally televised match-up.