Whoopi Goldberg Snaps on Ben Carson During ‘The View’ For Endorsing Donald Trump


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During a recent episode of The View, Ben Carson stopped by to talk about his role in the presidential race from here on out. Earlier this month, Carson officially dropped out of the race after losing some key primaries and deciding that there was “no path forward” to the Republican nomination. He would soon thereafter endorse Donald Trump, who had awkwardly compared Carson to a child molester before they were on the same team.

On The View, Goldberg is so bothered by Carson’s status as an endorser of Trump that she interrupts him at one point to remind him that Trump has spewed racist crap and bashed women at his rallies. After this reminder, Goldberg quite simply asks Carson what about those qualities drew him to Trump, and Carson promptly set the criticism aside, claiming that he choose to look at the bigger picture.


Naturally, this response stumps Whoopi, who continues to combat Carson’s points and interrupt him to remind him that he’s aligning himself with a pretty trash person. You can watch the full video above.