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It isn’t quite the Christopher Meloni (a.k.a. Detective Stabler) comeback that the entertainment world has yearned for, but it’s a more than welcomed return.

Detective John Munch, played by beloved actor Richard Belzer is officially making his return to Law & Order: SVU according to this Entertainment Weekly report. His comeback episode, which will air in May, is called “Fashionable Crime,” on which Munch will join Detective Tutuola (played by Ice-T) on the hunt for a photographer they’d previously tried to nail, but couldn’t due to a lack of evidence.

It’ll be Belzer’s first time back with the show since his departure in 2014. He was comfortably written off the show in its 15th season, after handing in his retirement papers to then SVU squad leader, Detective Cragen, and being celebrated at a retirement party in a memorable episode that featured Munch in a white tux, an image that has become iconic to SVU’s folklore. Belzer originally debuted with the show back in 1999 during its inaugural season.