Is it time to start freaking out? Maybe.

After the Cleveland Cavaliers got their asses handed to them by the Miami Heat on Saturday night, LeBron James did a couple things that currently have the basketball world in a frenzy. In the midst of rumors that he and Kyrie Irving are not seeing eye-to-eye and could be considering their futures with the team in the off-season, LeBron James has apparently unfollowed the Cavs on Twitter and Instagram.

Does it mean an immediate apocalypse is upon us? No. The Cavs are still the #1 team in the Eastern Conference, even though the Toronto Raptors are hot on their tales, especially after this weekend’s events. There has already been a mid-season coaching chance, and Tyronn Lue isn’t an interim solution–he signed a multi-year deal. So, LBJ will be chasing the title this year alongside his fellow All-Star Kyrie Irving, but there’s something to be said about the fact that this stiff-arming of the Cavs on social media comes after LeBron spent significant time in Miami, the city to which he brought not one, not two–well actually just two–championships.

The only interesting thing about this for now, is that LeBron James only signed a 2-year deal this past off-season, and will be looking to cash in big (for likely the last time) next year with the new TV money at his disposal. Little things like this will lead folks to believe he won’t be signing on that dotted line in Cleveland.