Shortly after the Broncos took home the Super Bowl 50 victory, it was time for the Giants to seriously reassess their future, and they eventually decided that it didn’t involve Tom Coughlin, the man that has delivered them the only two Super Bowl victories they’ve been able to attain in the 2000’s. Though Coughlin’s departure was officially listed as a “step down,” the dynamics between Coughlin and the team appeared more tense than usual in the days following the announcement, and after his remarks at his exit press conference, he and Giants owner John Mara appeared to have a very awkward moment, involving Coughlin possibly declining to shake Mara’s hand.

That being said, it should come as a surprise to very few that Coughlin holds somewhat of a grudge against the Giants, who were riddled with so many injuries, regardless of opinions of Coughlin’s performance, couldn’t consistently field a team strong enough to make the playoffs. According to NY Daily News sports writer Gary Myers, Couglin echoed this sentiment and many others during his subsequent job interview with the Philadelphia Eagles, during which the former Giants coach reportedly bashed his team incessantly.

The interview was a disaster. Coughlin acted like a 20-year old whose girlfriend had dumped him and he was trying to make her jealous by dating her No. 1 enemy on the rebound. NFL sources say his hard feelings for the Giants came through loud and clear in the interview with the Eagles brain trust, which included owner Jeffrey Lurie, and he was obsessed with how he felt wronged by the Giants. He was not forthcoming about his plans for his staff. He came off more concerned with making the Giants look bad than being consumed with coaching the Eagles.

Earlier this week, Coughlin appeared on Fox Sports Radio, where he reiterated that he was “hurt”  by the Giants decision to not move forward with him.