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The Boston Celtics will likely earn an Eastern Conference playoff spot this season, yet another step in their quick re-building process, which has helped them go from a 12th place team to a playoff contender in just two seasons. There’s reason to believe that with another dynamic playmaker to join Isaiah Thomas, the Celtics could become serious conference championship contenders in the Eastern Conference, and according to a report, they believe that too.

The Daily News is reporting that the Celtics could be looking to make a move for superstar center Dwight Howard, who has been in Houston since 2013.

Meanwhile, the Celtics have engaged the Houston Rockets in talks about a possible deal for Dwight Howard, the Daily News has learned. Howard can opt out of his contract this summer, and considering his back and knee issues, it doesn’t make much sense for Boston GM Danny Ainge to use the assets on a player with declining skills and a battered body.

If the recent rumors are correct, it could potentially work well for both sides. There have been several reports of differences between James Harden and Dwight Howard in Houston, and if the Rockets want to contend while they have James Harden in his prime, that’s not a formula they should employ. On the Celtics’ side, they’ve got draft picks most teams like Houston will be envious of in June, and the 1-2 punch of Isaiah Thomas and Dwight Howard could prove too enticing to pass on. However, it’ll be a tough decision, especially with the trade deadline looming. Signing Howard gives them an opportunity to make more waves in the playoffs than they’d be able to as is, but he’ll still be free to walk to any team he wants when he becomes a free agent in July.